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Customer Testimonials

Our clients are top decision-makers responsible for keeping business partner, remote employee, and long-distance client relationships thriving — while reducing costs wherever possible. It's a tough balance, but Sonexis ConferenceManager has helped make it much easier.

See their stories for yourself.

State of Oregon - Office of Administrative Hearings

Initially, OAH searched for on-premise systems as well as hosted solutions. After considering various offerings, OAH decided to implement ConferenceManager from Sonexis utilizing their Managed Service Offering (MSO). "Sonexis was very creative in proposing to host the system we were buying at their data center. The superior collaboration functionality, ease of administration, and reasonable cost of the ConferenceManager fulfilled the conferencing selection criteria of the OAH, and the Managed Service Offering provided additional cost savings while allowing us to focus on our core competencies." said Lorrin King, Administrative Services Manager for the Oregon Office of Administrative Hearings.

Sonexis Training and Support
"The transition to ConferenceManager was extremely smooth, one of the easiest transitions I've been through in my 25 year career" Ms. King continued. "The training was the best I've ever experienced. The trainer was extremely knowledgeable, communicated technical information in a manner that was very easy to understand, and was patient and flexible during the training. The support leading up to, during and after implementation has been exceptional."

General Cable

"We looked at two additional in-house solutions in addition to the Sonexis system," said Marty Alsip, Senior Telephony Engineer for General Cable. "We chose the Sonexis system because it was very price competitive and scaled to meet our needs now and in the future. It integrated seamlessly into our existing voice and data networks and the Outlook integration was very easy to use."

Sonexis = Exceptional Customer Service
General Cable was pleasantly surprised with how easy the system was to use, and thrilled with the support they received from Sonexis. "The installation went smoothly and the training and support we received were excellent. My opinion is that Sonexis has one of the best support staff I have ever worked with," said Alsip. "The Sonexis Customer Care team deserves a big pat on the back for the job they do, and I would recommend Sonexis to anyone."

American Institute of Architects

"I'd just renegotiated with my existing service providers and thought I'd gotten a terrific deal — a 40% savings. Yet, when I ordered the Sonexis ROI Analysis, I was astounded to learn how much we could save — over 90%," reports Philip O'Neal, Technology Director for The American Institute of Architects (AIA).

"ConferenceManager® has some innovative features we think are very impressive, and the savings are just incredible," O'Neal continues. "I immediately presented the information to my chief operating officer and now, we're using conferencing like never before."

Internal Stakeholders Easily Understand the Value
"Even though our users really liked the former conferencing services, they've easily transitioned to ConferenceManager because it's so intuitive. And we're grateful for the capability that allows us to put our logo on the invitations. Participants seem impressed, because I think it conveys the right level of importance for a premier organization such as the AIA."

Quaker Chemical Corporation

Irving Tyler, CIO of Quaker Chemical Corporation reports, "We use Sonexis ConferenceManager every day to share information globally — and are now able to involve customers and vendors in a collaboration process that brings new value to our firm."

Quaker employees conducted more than 1,000 audio and web conferences in the first 10 months of the program. "The reality of this situation is that cost of this collaboration would exceed $40,000 over those same 10 months, if we had to rely on pay-as-you-go conferencing. With ConferenceManager it costs us a fraction of this amount, delivering fantastic return on investment."

Unsurprisingly, Use of the System Continues to Grow.
This seasoned executive highly recommends that you investigate ConferenceManager further. "I tell everyone I know about this product," Tyler adds. "It's such a smart decision. In terms of conferencing solutions, we went from complete confusion to incredible clarity in no time at all.

And how about those reporting features?
"With just a few mouse clicks," says Tyler, "I know at any given moment how much I'm saving because the reporting is so simple and clear. I can review data anyway I like, to get whatever information I need."

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